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    createImage, size limitation on S60 3rd?

    I wrote a Midlet that load a picture from the filesystem and show it on the screen. I tried it with the N70 and a 5mp image, that works fine. But if I try it with the same Midlet and image on the N95, the debugger shows me that the midlet stops at the code line createImage(bytearray, 0,baytearray.length). In top of this, i got no exception and the midle will closed by itself. Is somewhere written the differences between S60 2nd and 3rd for createImage or has the createImage function a limitation of the file size in 3rd edition? (notation: The Midlet works with a smaller picture on a 3rd device)

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    Re: createImage, size limitation on S60 3rd?

    You sure you didn't get an OutOfMemoryError from createImage(..)?

    I have a similar problem described in this thread.

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