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    XHTML Mime Types and User Agents

    In light of my research for development, I've come upon the following issues.

    First, for XHTML, what MIME type will the phone require. Currently the Mobile Internet Toolkit works only with text/xhtml, which is not a mime-type used elsewhere. Openwave and Mozilla both use application/xhtml+xml. Will the final version of the XHTML browser use text/xhtml?

    Second, the user agent is not given by the phones when connecting. Why is this?

    Third, because the user agent is not given, could we have a list of the terminal strings being given and what mime types they truly support?

    Of course, it would make it easiest for us if Nokia would consider for the XHTML phones to use application/xhtml+xml and give the user agent when connecting.


    Posted by Peter Buchy, peter.buchy@codeonline.com
    on January 16, 2002 at 10:59

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    RE: XHTML Mime Types and User Agents


    XHTML Mobile Profile documents do not have a single MIME media type. The most commonly used type is "text/html" which identifies any HTML or XHTML document. Alternatively the type "application/xhtml+xml" can be used to identify documents from any of the XHTML-based markup languages, including XHTML Mobile Profile. One advantage of using "text/html" is you can open documents both in mobile and standard desktop browsers.

    The information about the Nokia WAP phones user-agent headers can be found from the Nokia WAP Phones Characteristics document. We will update the document whenever new Nokia terminals are lauched. The document can be found at the Forum Nokia web site under Browsing/WAP -> Nokia WAP Phones -> Documents section.

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    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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