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    Sip Registration with SIP server

    My target device is N95 where there is sip setting with phone where we create User profile and set the proxy and register server.as i go through the java SIP api doc where i found that sip is used to create multimedia session for transfering instatnt messeging or voice call between devices.

    my core requirnment is to make a call from one midlet running on one mobile to another midlet running on different mobile. i don't get any ways other than sip protocol to make a call by midlet. i refer the 'GoSIP' example from sun's WTK. with weblogic bea sip server.

    this example works with emulator .the code need to set the ip address where the sip server responds the request like REGISTER,INVITE etc. so ultimatly its a VoIP kind of thing as per my understanding. we set the contact header where the client url is set where the sip server is responds.

    my one query how we get the public ip of mobile phone over GPRS in midlet? because my code is working fine with emulator but i m not able to run with device and get the null exception at the 3rd line

    String SDP_MIME_TYPE = "application/vnd.company.x-game";
    scn = (SipConnectionNotifier) Connector.open("sip:*;type=\"" + SDP_MIME_TYPE + '"');
    contact = new String("sip:sip2@" +scn.getLocalAddress() +":" + scn.getLocalPort());

    This is all about my lot confusion. if any body had worked for the same pls share some code with me.

    Thank You.

    Ami Patel

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    Re: Sip Registration with SIP server

    I want to do the same thing like you, but I have problems with sip register, it always gives me the response 0 instead of 200, if you can give me your code to compare with it will be greate.

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