I created a .nfl archive based upon the instructions in the recently released documentation. However I am not having much success getting this to work.

1) It is not clear how to install this on a phone. Do you transfer the .nfl archive to the phone with USB? Are .nfl files only for OTA transfer?

2) For USB install, Nokia PC Suite Application transfer does not recognize .nfl format. My only option is to use PC Suite file transfer.

3) After transfering the .nfl archive to the phone and viewing the entry in the gallery, my custom icon does not display. Instead the standard flash icon in the gallery for the .nfl archive.

4) The gallery does correctly display the file name I specified for the .nfl archive in the descriptor.inf file.

5) Phone displays a "Corrupt file" message when I try to launch the application.

I get the same behavior on the series 40 5th edition fp1 SDK and a Nokia 5310 xpress music phone (which should be series 40 5th fp1 according to Forum nokia specs).

I can provide my .nfl file if necessary.