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    Nokia Community Survey!

    Dear members,
    This questionnaire is part of a research project regarding the role of online communities conducted by the University of Tilburg, Netherlands.
    It will take aprox. 5 minutes.
    Participation is anonymous (NO name, IP, password or other identification) and all information gathered will be kept strictly confidential.
    We really hope you would like to participate in our research. In return, we will be pleased to send you a summary of the project results. For questions please, contact:
    In any other case, you will receive no follow-ups from this research.
    The URL is https://examine.vu.nl/cgi-bin/infere...ssword=eboo1Xa
    Thank you kindly for your time

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    Re: Nokia Community Survey!

    Hi Reinout,

    I see that you have posted this on General Discussion as well (http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=144857), which is good (that is the better place for this kind of announcement).

    In general, we do not allow people to crosspost same issues on many sub-forums, but in this case I'll let this post stay in here to give your study a little more visibility. However I will close this thread, so any comments have to go to the other thread referred above)

    best regards
    Hartti Suomela
    Forum Nokia
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