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    Question How to handle UI, server connection and file handling in MIDP application for 6630?

    hi All,
    I am developing an application (on Nokia 6630 phone) which asks the user to input some search text in a form text box and

    sends that input text alond with some file data in xml form to a web server by making HTTP connection post method. The server

    fetches the post data and parses it and makes a search on the data and returns more results to the device which the device

    should show on a screen, may be in one screen or more than one screen depending on the capacity of the device screen area..

    My first question is that how much of text data can I show on a this device screen and what to do if the data is more to fit

    in a single screen?

    After getting user input text from form area of device, how can the connection to the server and posting the data along with

    data read from a file on device can be done? can all those things be done in a single thread in startApp() and

    commandACtion() method of MIDP application or do i nedd to do all these serial tasks in different threads? I know the

    HTTPconnection class can be used to connect to the server and post data in text/xml or some other form..Is there any

    URLConnection/HTTPURLConnection class methods provided for MIDP application,,if yes then my task is done..sinve I have

    already coded sample java program to do the server connnection from a client to send data...in device case, the chages will

    be little if I put that cod into appropriate methods of MIDP app..am I correct in this assumption? plz rectify if i m not...

    say, the server returns a string results in xml, so will be my device able to accept all the string results and process it

    and show it on another screen..? how can I show the text data on the screen as the google search results shows in pagewise

    mannner...can this be done on device...basically I m using s60 2n dFP2 MIDP SDK with Netbeans 6.1 IDE...

    Plz tell me how can I test this app on emulator making internet connection to the server thru emulator and shows the results

    on the dvice screen..

    I heard, doing simultaneous UI processing and some other data processing in MIDP can hang the device UI...so they should be

    done in different threads so as to not to hang the UI in case of any processing done at the server side...am i right ?

    this may be a large question put by me..but plz bear this ,since i wanted to make you understand the whole scenario.

    plz give me some pointers/code snippets/links relevant to this application and reply me inline so that u dont miss anything
    abt my questions..

    thanks a lot to hold ur patience..


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    Re: How to handle UI, server connection and file handling in MIDP application for 66

    first to handle the data content u can use a form 's choice group or canvas paint method
    say in a canvas u need to check for every thing including he screen size and width '

    if the list is used then no problem the width u need to adjust
    (or check it )
    for the network communixcation u need a different thtread to make UI active that is true ...

    for xml u can use an in built parser and parse it ...

    hope it will help u
    Arun Gupta

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