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    changing color of link

    I'm trying to change the color of link and the CSS code for it is as below:

    a:link {color:#000000}
    a.left { font-size:larger; color: #000000; background-color:transparent }

    and the xhtml code for the same is:
    <a class="left" href="mypage.html">My Page</a>

    this works in any normal browser as IE but it doesn't work in Toolkit browser - can you pls. let me know where i went wrong as the link color is coming default blue and not black.

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    RE: changing color of link

    Hi Arunoday,

    Thanks for info. Yes, "text" associated with links will be
    displayed on the Toolkit's Nokia Mobile Browser in "blue" only.
    This color currently cannot be changed. A bug will be submitted.

    Toolkit Team

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