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    Problem with Canvas & Alert

    Hello everyone.

    I tried searching the forums for similar problem but couldn't find one.

    So the problem is that I have a canvas which is set to fullscreen mode which works fine. Then I want to show Alert when user selects certain Command from menu. The Alert starts fine but the problem is that the Canvas is no longer fullscreen.

    When Alert is launched the top part (battery level, time, signal strength etc.) is shown and the Canvas is drawn right under that. Now I wouldn't want that top part suddenly appearing there. When Alert is dismissed the top part is gone again and Canvas takes the fullscreen again.

    So any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problem with Canvas & Alert


    The reason is that you are using the system alert.

    Using the Canvas you can create your own custome Alert that will work in full screen mode.


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    Re: Problem with Canvas & Alert

    Hi, I think this problem can be solved with a custom label built in canvas rather than using built in alert.

    this can be done in a way to draw a box witha different background color some where on the screen where ever you want position of the alert. write your message there, repaint it after some sspecified time or on an event to draw screen without that box... In this way a functionality can be made to feel like custom alert...

    Hope it will work for you,

    Kashif Nawaz

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