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    wml2 wcss marquee problem

    Hello! I have trouble making my paragraphs scroll with the Nokia Toolkit 3.1 None of the following examples work, the text stands still:

    <p style="display: -wap-marquee">This text should be scrolling!</p>

    or with a WCSS that contains:
    .scroller {
    font-style: bold;
    text-align: center;
    display: -wap-marquee;}

    and an XHTML file that contains:
    <p class="scroller">This text is not scrolling!</p>

    Why?? I'd really like to know... <marquee> works, but that's not part of WML2...

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    RE: wml2 wcss marquee problem

    Well, the code you wrote seems ok. Probably a rendering defect in the emulator that you're using. I am assuming that you're using the Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator? or are you using the 6590 sim?


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