I have created New Profile using RSyncMLDataSyncProfile and set its values as defalult and also in Applications->Contacts-> i have set defaults values of (i) Include in sync to "Yes" (ii) Remote dataBase value to "Card" and same settings for Calander.I have also Set defaults values of Username ,password ,Display Name and Version successfully.

I have created my Sync Profile according to application Settings in which i have set Sync Contacts & Callander to "Yes"

Now once i have Sync my contacts and callender events then in my application Settings i have change List Item "Sync Contacts" Value to "No", & then i want to Update my profile values how can i do that or how can i delete it with its name and recreate it.

or give me a suggestion which option is the best Updation or Deletion + Recreation a profile.

Asif Nazir