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    Radio button items


    I am using native radionbutton in an application. I am testing on a Nokia 5700 and when the text for an item is too long, it is truncated as in most Nokia devices. But, there is no way to read the whole text. Some S40 devices enable the "Ver" (to see in portuguese) option and displays the whole text.

    Is it a bug?

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    Re: Radio button items

    For some this might be a discussion about semantics, but it is not bug, it is a different implementation decision. I do not think that the MIDP spec requires either or...


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    Re: Radio button items

    But Hartti, if you have a long text (not that long) as label of a radiobutton ITEM and you have no possibility to read the whole text. Isnt it missing something?

    S40 (6131 for example) truncates too, but when you select an option on the menu, it displays the whole text.

    The problem is that the radiobutton is created on the fly, using a definition coming through the web. I can limit the size of the text on the server side, but the application will be used in different devices and sometimes the text must be a bit longer than what is possible to be displayed (on a 5700, for exemple).

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    Re: Radio button items

    List item has same problem....
    Try appending some longer text it will be truncated and it will not be vievable in its entire-ity (lol thats not even a word) on several devices...

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