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    E71 FEP problem with KeyMapping

    I have problem setting numerical key mapping on Nokia E71.
    With none of the mapping from enumeration TAknEditorNumericKeymap I can not enter '#'. With EAknEditorCalculatorNumberModeKeymap I am able to enter +, but not able to enter -. This is all working fine on E61 which also has QWERTY keyboard.

    Here is my code:

    CAknEdwinState* p_akn_edwin_state = (CAknEdwinState*)mState;
    p_akn_edwin_state->SetPermittedInputModes(EAknEditorNumericInputMode); p_akn_edwin_state->SetCurrentInputMode(EAknEditorNumericInputMode); p_akn_edwin_state->SetNumericKeymap(EAknEditorCalculatorNumberModeKeymap);

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    Re: E71 FEP problem with KeyMapping

    The problem is resolved by adding the next capabilities:

    TCoeInputCapabilities::EWesternNumericIntegerPositive, TCoeInputCapabilities::EWesternNumericIntegerNegative

    In InputCapabilities() function.

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