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    Unable to upload .csr file on symbian signed


    This is the first time I am trying to get a developer certificate from symbian. I have created .csr file from my publisher ID and IMEI.

    When I login to symbiansigned Open signed->Request I do not see an option to upload .csr file. All I see a message

    Request DevCert
    Open Signed Offline/Developer Certificates are only available to users with a Publisher ID.
    Developer Certificates will be ENABLED for users who have a Publisher ID ONLY

    ONLY if you used a Publisher ID to create a .csr file with the DevCertCreate tool will you be able to use Open Signed Offline to create a Developer Certificate.

    Developer Certificates are currently DISABLED for users without a Publisher ID. Users who DO NOT have a Publisher ID CANNOT request Developer Certificates or use Open Signed Offline.
    No browse option or anything like that to upload .csr file. Any idea?

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    Re: Unable to upload .csr file on symbian signed

    I think better idea would be to ask this at symbain developer board: http://developer.symbian.com/forum/index.jspa

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