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    problem in continous recording of audio

    hi friends please help me. am doing one project where i need to record some amount of data and play it and once again record it and play it . this i need to do continously ...whenever ill start recording it will ask user do u want to record it. but i do want any user interaction . i saw somewhere we need to sign midlet but i do want to do that . and i know that in mobile we need to do settings "ask only once" but i do want to do this and i do want to sign the midlet please help me is any j2me programm to do it programmatically . please help me please . reply soon.

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    Re: problem in continous recording of audio

    Hi prakashvs,

    there's no way to programmatically modify MIDlet permission settings.

    Only available options are the ones you listed. So, if you want your users to be asked only once for permission, they should manually change permission level from the default one (usually "Ask always") to "Ask first time".

    Note that, for Multimedia "Ask first time" permission, it is usually not necessary to sign your MIDlet. Instead, signing gives you access also to "Always allowed" setting, that would totally eliminate popups from your application.

    For further infos, you can check this Forum Nokia Wiki page:


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