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    RE: Can <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control ". .. /> be used in xHTML MP?


    This is our mistake, sorry for that. There was incorrect information about cache control in the WAP Service Developers Guide for Nokia Series 60 Phones with XHTML Browser v1.0 but this has been corrected to version 1.1. The fact is that the XHTML browser in Nokia Series 60 phones (Nokia 3650) does not support any form or attributes of the Meta element. So, the &quot;no-cache&quot; value of the Cache-Control attribute would have no effect. The usage of cache can be controlled by using HTTP headers. &quot;no-cache&quot; HTTP header directive can be set by the HTTP server hosting the pages.

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    Can <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control". .. /> be used in xHTML MP?

    I'm wondering that can &lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Cache-Control&quot; content=&quot;no-cache&quot; /&gt; be used in XHTML MP?

    Nokia's XHTML Guidelines document says:&quot;The http-equiv attribute is not supportet in XHTML MP&quot; and WAP Service Developer's Guide for Nokia Series 60 Phones with XHTML Browser says:&quot;If no caching is preferred it is recommended to use the following meta tag:'&lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Cache-Control&quot; content=&quot;no-cache&quot; /&gt;'

    So how is it? Can I use &lt;meta ...&gt; tag or not?


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