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    MIDlet problem....possibly permissions?


    I'm trying to run a MIDlet on a Three UK Nokia 6288 phone (3G).

    The MIDlet can be found at this URL:


    It's basically a program for controlling a linux media center.

    Well, basically, the MIDlet needs to connect to my linux media center using bluetooth, but it fails to connect.

    When the MIDlet starts, I am prompted to allow the app to access, which I do, however, it just stays 'waiting for connection'

    In my server logs, I can see the attempted connection, but then it says 'device died'

    I was wondering maybe if Three UK have blocked Bluetooth API calls from 3rd party MIDlets, how I would find this out (nothing on Three's website) & if there is anything I can do about this?

    Or maybe somebody knows of a 3rd party working bluetooth MIDlet so I can test?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: MIDlet problem....possibly permissions?

    Yes, Three uses a little different security policy, but that should not be the problem.


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