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    File .jar on Samsing device

    I have an application java that I would like to install on a telephone samsung.
    In my application I did not use no special jsr..Someone it knows to say me how to install an application java on different telephones from the Nokia?

    thank you!!!!!

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    Re: File .jar on Samsing device


    Have you tried installing it on the Samsung phone. If you did, did you get any errors or other problems?

    Also, you could try the Samsung forum (I think it's operational now).

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    Re: File .jar on Samsing device

    And note that like with some Nokia models, it could be that the only way to install is OTA (over-the-air); i.e., you need to put it on a web/WAP server on the Internet, and download it that way. Anyway, as stated, best to ask Samsung.

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