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    -- Java development for S80 with Eclipse --

    1. The Problem

    So you want to develop Java applications (a MIDlet under J2ME)
    for a mobile phone of the Nokia S80 series (9500, 9300, 9300i)
    under Eclipse - and can’t figure out how to set up the software
    development kit (SDK). I was in the same situation and it was
    quite a journey to come to a working installation.

    Basically it is a very simple trip if you take the direct
    way instead of every detour and wrong way possible.
    The good news first: All software used is free and
    the installation should take about 10 minutes!

    First hint: Know the three letter acronyms or get lost in
    the wilderness of packages, web sites and help files!
    (The relevant acronyms are given in this description.)

    1.1 Why books/magazines won’t help you

    Books on J2ME concentrate on JAVA language issues so they
    usually assume that you have already installed a SDK.
    Especially the development for the S80 series is nowhere
    described because the hardware market changes fast
    and Nokia focusses on brand new phones.

    1.2 Why the web won’t help

    Many potential authors are seeking help on J2ME for the S80.
    They get but a few answers which are more or less relevant
    in the time they were given. Today you wouldn’t find any
    answer which is not outdated. Because software development
    is a fast business distrust any advice older than two years or
    waste you time on outdated products and wrong installations.

    2. The Solution

    2.1 What you need

    Here are the software packages that you need in order of
    installation. You can’t develop for the S80 without any of these.

    a) Sun JaveSE JDK -> The basic JAVA tools and language definition
    b) Eclipse -> The IDE used
    c) ElipseME -> The plugin for Eclipse to use the WTK
    d) Sun Wireless Toolkit (WTK) -> General tools for Java mobile phones
    e) Nokia S80 Java SDK MIDP -> Language definition and tools specific for the S80

    a) Sun JavaSE JDK

    Download the latest “Java SE Development Kit (JDK)“ (version 6 update
    7 or newer) version and install it by using the enclosed installer.

    Link: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp

    b) Eclipse

    Download the latest “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” (version 3.4 or newer)
    and install it by unpacking the archive to you designated Eclipse directory.

    Link: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Di...mede-win32.zip

    c) EclipseME

    EclipseME is the plugin you’ll need to develop J2ME under
    Eclipse. It is becoming the official implementation of the
    Eclipse Mobile Tools for the Java Platform (MTJ project).
    You need EclipseME version 1.7.8 (or newer) which
    is MTJ version 0.9.0.

    Download the latest EclipseME, unpack the archive and install it
    under Eclipse using the “Help/Software Update” dialog -> Available
    Software/Add Site/Local.. Ignore the warning, select the your
    “file:\\eclipseme.feature...” entry and click “Install..”.

    Don’t simply unpack the archive to the plugins directory of Eclipse
    (this method of installation is outdated and no longer encouraged).

    Link: http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...group_id=86829

    Direct Link: http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...ease_id=588298

    d) Sun Wireless Toolkit (WTK)

    The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (formerly known as “Java 2
    Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME“) Wireless Toolkit) is a
    collection of tools and language files to
    develop applications for mobile phones, aka
    Connected Limited Devices (CLDC).

    Download “Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC” (or newer) and
    install it using the included installer. Leave the installation as
    it is and doen’t try to integrate the WTK in EclipseME
    -> that will be done later.

    Link: http://java.sun.com/products/sjwtoolkit/download.html

    Direct Link: https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP...-CDS_Developer

    e) Nokia S80 Java SDK MIDP

    Download “Series 80 Platform SDKs for Symbian OS, for Java”
    and install using the included installer. Yes, it is 3 1/2 years old
    -> shame on Nokia. And yes, you will need a Nokia developer
    account to install the SDK.

    Link: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/reso...ava_tools.html

    Direct Link: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._for_Java.html

    2.2 What you don’t need

    a) Carbide.j (formerly known as Nokia Development Kit for J2ME)
    -> uses a different (“Tool”) approach of integration into Eclipse
    compared to EclipseME
    -> outdated

    b) Nokia S40, S60 or prototype SDK

    c) Netbeans SDK with mobility kit

    -> different development environment (IDE) and plugin concept
    -> due to personal preferences Eclipse is used

    2.3 Getting the emulator to run

    While the installation was quite unspectacular, getting the emulator
    to run is a bit tricky. The problem is that eclipseME won’t recognize
    your S80 SDK as a valid platform. The trick here is to copy the
    “S80_DP2_0_MIDP_SDK” directory of your S80 SDK installation
    (under \Nokia\Devices\ ) to the “device” directory
    of the Sun WTK (\WTK2.5.2\wtklib\devices\).

    Now integrate your S80 in EclipseME using the preferences/EclipseME
    dialog. Start eclipse, open the eclipseME preferences (Window/Preferences/
    J2ME/DeviceManagement). Select your \WTK2.5.2\ directory, click
    Refresh, select the “Series 80 Development Platform”, click “Finish”.
    Select the “Series 80 Development Platform” again.

    Congrats! You made it!

    3. Test your installation

    Write a program to test the installation. Or just use the program
    found here http://medien.informatik.uni-ulm.de/...lipse_j2me.xml

    into Eclipse and let it run. The S80 emulator should open (be patient)
    and run the program. Run a second time if the emulator just shows
    the desktop.

    Copy the jar- and jad-files in your source or deployed directory
    to a memory card and try them on your mobile phone.

    But trust me on the sunscreen…


    Feedback welcome
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    Thumbs up Re: -- Java development for S80 with Eclipse --

    Many thanks for the detailed to-do list. Unfortunately, the link you have given in the end does not work. Will be super if you could fix that as well.

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    Re: -- Java development for S80 with Eclipse --

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrene_juby View Post
    Unfortunately, the link you have given in the end does not work. Will be super if you could fix that as well.
    The link is fixed now.

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    Re: -- Java development for S80 with Eclipse --

    Quote Originally Posted by Kalypso View Post
    The link is fixed now.

    Hi Kalypso ,

    MANY MANY THANKS my dear friend !

    You have done a great help to us !

    This information was very vital to me , particularly the fact that your article was so well compiled and complete
    in all respects ...

    Thank you very much !

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