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    How can I sign up a Midlet?

    Hi Everyone,
    I have developed an application using J2ME Polish in NetBeans IDE targeting Series 60 3rd Edition devices. I got the Thawte Certificate "PKCS #7 Certificate Chain". But when I signed up the application with Sun Java's Keytool using this certificate, the signup is successed and it runs in the simulator fine. But when I installed the application in Nokia N82 device, the installation failed saying Invalid Jar File.

    I think there will someone who can help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can I sign up a Midlet?


    Can you please check whether the N82 has thawte root certificate or not because this is one of the main reason for above error.


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    Re: How can I sign up a Midlet?

    Hi bijen.singh,

    in addition to Amit's reply, have you checked that date and time are correct on your N82?

    Some other useful infos could be:
    * does the unsigned MIDlet successfully install?
    * how are you deploying your MIDlet (e.g.: OTA)?


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