I have developed a simple XHTML test with some photos using Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit. The photos are in gif file format and the file sizes are about 3-4 KB. I first run the test with NMIT as local files and everything works fine. Then, I placed the XHTML files on a local server (apache) and run the test via the NMIT emulator and EPOC emulator. But, I got the following problems:

1. From the NMIT default emulator (Nokia Mobile Browser 3.0.1), I can only see texts, but not photos.

2. From the EPOC emulator (downloaded from Symbian 6.1 SDKs), I add the local http location as bookmarks and run it, but nothing happened.

Looking at the NMIT User's Guide, I found some information about the server configuration. I used the guidance on the page 22 to set the MIME types in my apache mime file and started the server again. The problem still occurred.

My questions are:

1. Is there anything else I have to do on the server configuration or something on the emulators?

2. Can I run the XHTML files on the EPOC emulator as local files? How to set it up?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Willa Wei