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    Question platform S40 netbeans or eclipse??

    I am about to debug some problems in the already developed application where in the mobile platform is new for me.
    From your exp may i know which IDE is preferred..
    Eclipse or netbeans??

    platform is S40

    Which SDK.. Pls provide me the links .

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    Re: platform S40 netbeans or eclipse??

    Hi kaviversha,

    IDEs are usually a very personal matter, so the best approach would surely be to test them by your own, and find you which one better suits your needs.

    Just some links:
    * When using Eclipse, you should also install EclipseME
    * When downloading NetBeans, be sure to download the bundle containing the NetBeans Mobility Pack
    * S40 SDK: http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...form_SDKs.html

    Hope this helps,

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