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    PUT/GET data from NFC SE

    Hi there,
    How can one store a 16byte value on the SE?. Is there any code examples here ?. I saw many examples to store a single byte called value and inc/dec that one. But I want to store a 16digit number, read and write the same from a midlet and the applet. I tried the examples at http://www.wrankl.de/Javacard/PGDATAJava.txt it works for me on the simulated card. But if I try to do the same on the NFC, I am able to store the data, but when I read it, I get the error 6703 - wrong length.
    APDU used:
    send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00DA004003313233 // To put data
    send_apdu -sc 0 -APDU 00CA00400003; // to get data
    the error I get is,
    Response <-- 6700
    send_APDU() returns 0x80206700 (6700: Wrong length.)
    the above works fine when simulated. How can I read what I stored and how can I update what I stored !?!
    Would be grateful for a reply

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    Re: PUT/GET data from NFC SE

    Got it working..that was a wrong APDU to get data...the right one was
    thanks for stopping by

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