Hi all,

I am making a application which will be based on Flash lite Player 3.0, now Nokia N95 comes with Flash Lite 2.0 so here my requirment is i want to force my N95 he will promot a message that this application required Flash Lite 3.0 to play so that i can go further and download flash lite 3.0 and play with my application designed for Flash Lite 3.0.

current solution : only i have downloaded flash lite 3.0 developer edition by Adobe and in N95 i have to browse by Application/Media/Flash Player and then selct application file. and if i tried to run from Gallery/Prsentation adn then select my applciation it gives error because it run default player which comes with N95 device.

so plz kindly take a look for better solution

Maneesh Panwar