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    Arrow N95 force to Flash Lite 3.0 during start of application

    Hi all,

    I am making a application which will be based on Flash lite Player 3.0, now Nokia N95 comes with Flash Lite 2.0 so here my requirment is i want to force my N95 he will promot a message that this application required Flash Lite 3.0 to play so that i can go further and download flash lite 3.0 and play with my application designed for Flash Lite 3.0.

    current solution : only i have downloaded flash lite 3.0 developer edition by Adobe and in N95 i have to browse by Application/Media/Flash Player and then selct application file. and if i tried to run from Gallery/Prsentation adn then select my applciation it gives error because it run default player which comes with N95 device.

    so plz kindly take a look for better solution

    Maneesh Panwar

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    Re: N95 force to Flash Lite 3.0 during start of application

    Nokia N95 upgrades the player from 2.0 to 3.0 with latest firmware update. That might change from region to region, however all should apply after some time.

    Modern SIS packagers come with an option to force external or newer Flash Players to launch the content. I am not sure which others offer that out of the box, but KuneriLite does. Just select "Force Flash Lite 2.x, 3.x" option at first step; it should push Flash Lite 3 player, and exit if it doesn't exist. SWFPack also does that, but you will need to wait couple of weeks till it's released.


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