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    MyNokia Registration - Nokia Users in India

    This is exclusively for Nokia India Users (except nokia employees).

    You can register you Nokia Phone to the MyNokia Service.

    You will get regular updates, tricks and tricks to your mobile.

    You can register for this service by sending an SMS to 55555 with the following format

    mn nokiaphonemodel 9900919924
    example: mn N70 9900919924

    ** replace the nokiaphonemodel with the model of the phone from which you are sending the SMS.
    Details of the MyNokia service can be found at, http://my.nokia.com/

    In the end is my number which will provide me a referral point for each registration. This is as part of my internal competition.

    Please support me by sending an SMS to 55555 with the above format.

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    Re: MyNokia Registration - Nokia Users in India

    To be moved to announcement forum.
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Post Re: MyNokia Registration - Nokia Users in India

    This is a message for Nokia Users, from India and elsewhere (including Nokia employees)

    Forum Nokia is the community of mobile software and content developers interested in working with/on Nokia's platforms.

    This site is about many things however, unless otherwise clearly specified, it has nothing to do with:
    - Nokia's phones and accessories offer
    - built in features (or lack thereof)
    - defects of any sorts
    - warranty and post warranty service, Nokia Care, ...
    - locking/unlocking phones
    - phone support and user guides
    - special offers and services offered by Nokia or 3rd party companies
    - promotions, sweepstakes and lotteries

    If you want to discuss topics such as the ones above please use the end-user discussion board at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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