My name is Sam Hyatt and I am CEO/Founder of a company who I will not name at this very moment, due to sensitive issues surrounding the name. I currently have a team of 4 developer architects, who seemingly have alot of experience in their fields, and have worked in large team environments before, but have an incredibly difficult time working independantly on our project. I am currently looking for several individuals to come in on an equity basis and get this application finished. You will be provided a contract of contribution that will define what you get in exchange for what you do. This is a very real deal. With very little contact with potential customers <1% we have enough pilots under discussion to net $10M plus a year and more. We need one or two amazingly talented J2ME pros who can help get this done. If you would like to learn more and join a team that will change an entire industry and dump it on its ears, then please contact me at shyatt@cabdaddy.com. Thank you.

Sam Hyatt