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    6210 getmemorystatus in Delphi

    The getmemorystatus fuction MeSize result always 0, but SIMSize result valid. MsgInME and MsgInSIM value is good too.
    I connect cross IrDa to my PC.
    What's my problem? Thank's all Help.

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    Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0

    I have the same situation.
    Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0; Filename: ReadSMS.pas
    Delphi 7; Nokia 6210; Connect via IrDa.

    I use GetSMSMemoryStatus function.
    MESize result always is 0. Why? Is it only for 6210?
    Is it software bug?
    Also, there is text in Delphi example from Nokia:
    for i := 0 to MsgInME–1 do …
    My 6210 excepts SMS index = 0. It is wrong.
    So, I need to use: for i := 1 to MsgInME do…

    Dear Nokia men! Pls, comment

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