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    Custom Tab Control

    Hi ,

    i want to create my own custom Tab control. I need to draw images in Title of Tab.
    How to start with this....

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    Re: Custom Tab Control

    This can be a good starting point for your understanding
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    Re: Custom Tab Control

    Received by e-mail:

    Quote Originally Posted by tharunjavalimn
    On the below link i got custom tab control example.
    Developer Discussion Boards >> Programming Languages >> Symbian C++ >> Symbian User Interface >> Custom Tab Control

    I got one .cpp and one .h files. In my Carbide 1.3 express edition IDE , i added these two files for already existed default project. When compiled i got error undefined identifier KN_UI_LOG_TYPE_DEBUG.

    I commented it and built it, i did not get any error. After running on the s60 3rd edition emulator i did not get anything.

    After adding these two files I did not get any changes.

    Question is?
    1. While adding files shall i need to do any extra configuration.
    Well, if you copy the header and source file in your project, add the source file to the MMP and then, I don't know ... use the control in your project (!?) then maybe it will work and show you something.

    The comments page of that Wiki article shows how the control can be used, do follow that guide.

    Update: Now usage instructions added to the main article.
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