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    Receiving SMS on emulator

    Hi All,
    is it possible to receive sms on emulator?if it is possible tell me how should i do ?
    Tell me ASAP......

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    Re: Receiving SMS on emulator

    Hi devdattac,

    if you're working with Sun's WTK, you have 2 options to send an SMS to an emulator instance:

    * use the "Send SMS" option from WMA console (you can launch it from WTK Utilities)
    * send an SMS from another emulator instance

    Each emulator instance has an associated phone number, that is shown on emulator title bar, so you should use it to send SMS to each of them.

    Hope it helps,

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    As pit explained is the best fit way...I am sure you will do it.
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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    Re: Receiving SMS on emulator

    Adding to jappit , I know in SonyEricssion How to send the sms (Binary and text message) to emulator

    1. <your installed drive>:\SonyEricsson\JavaME_SDK_CLDC\PC_Emulation\WTK2\bin
    2. In that double click on utilsw.exe ,
    3. It will open a window with all the utilities
    4. Choose the WMA Console and then Launch
    5. After launch It will open one more window In that you can find a button for sending sms click on send sms
    6. Then it will open the one more window there u have to select the emulator number to whom you want to send sms if you wan to send sms to perticular port you have to enter the port number in the port feild

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    Re: Receiving SMS on emulator

    Thanx to all ......
    it really works....

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