We are streaming H.264 RTSP video from Darwin Streaming Server, over a 3.5g network to a Nokia 6220c.

Intermittently, RealPlayer will play the audio but not the video. RealPlayer seems to hang at the "Loading" message -- audio starts playing, but video never does.

If we quit RealPlayer and then play the same stream again, it often works.

[We have seen exactly the same problem with our J2ME based video application; I assume that under the covers it's using RealPlayer.]

Using the phone as a modem and streaming over the 3.5g network to VLC running on a laptop works with no problems. This suggests that the streaming server and the network are working, and the problem is specific to the interaction with RealPlayer on the phone.

Has anyone else seen this? Is there any Nokia-specific tuning of Darwin Streaming Server that might be required?