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    Receiving a bluetooth note

    Hi there.

    On my 6212 NFC it is possible to create with "Organiser"->"Notes" a note that can be send to another device via bluetooth.

    I want to use this integrated note function to build a small server running on my pc, to which a user can easily send note messages via bluetooth. So the user don't have to install an extra midlet.

    Does anyone have some suggestions, how to solve the problem? I guess the first step is to know the service UUID.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Receiving a bluetooth note

    Hi Mark,

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!

    Your application really looks like a good one. I recently helped a group to do something similar (sending contacts) over bluetooth but in J2ME.

    I think I've got your problem correctly

    You'll have to look how the application sends the notes to another application. Try finding it in the documentation of the application. OBEX could be one of the methods being used.
    If OBEX is indeed being used, you'll have to build a server on the PC which listens to the port on which OBEX operates.

    All the best with your application!
    Sainagakishore Srikantham (Kishore)

    Don't Hope, KNOW!!! ---------- Visit me at http://ssnkishore.blogspot.com ----------

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