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    avoid permission message

    I am working on camera to take pictures on nokia N95 device. But every time it trigger the camera, it always ask for permission to use camera device
    I know I need to sign it. Please give some links that instruct me how to do it

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    Re: avoid permission message


    Here is the procedure for doing it

    Java Web Developers Library

    Check out this webinar, it provides useful information

    Signing Java™ ME Applications and Signing Them in Java Verified™ 2008-06-18
    This Webinar gave developers a chance to get to the bottom of the Java™ ME-application-signing process and examined the new opportunities that the Java Verified™ Program presents for application signing. The presenter was Risto Helin, Forum Nokia manager of Application Testing Services.
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    Arrow Re: avoid permission message


    Signing the midlet will definitely solve the problem, but if you dont want to purchase a certificate then there is a way that it will ask only once and then it wont ask

    For that go to Application Manager > Select your midlet i.e your application > then in options > there will be suite settings or midlet settings > in that change the settings to ask for only first time wherever it is possible.

    After that it will ask only once and after that it wont ask.


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    Re: avoid permission message

    In S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices the settings are found a little differently. Check here

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    Re: avoid permission message


    I recommend to you be sure about what certification provides to you because in the most of cases, you sign your application but the permissions dont change authomatically and youve to set them one by one manually....so there are not so many differences without not being signed if the final user is a user with poor phone acknowledgments as Ive found in the market...


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