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    ??? SDK best choice 4 C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3

    hey i use Borland C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3
    and i need the best SDK for this compiler ,,
    i've download the other SDK (:which have 'wins' directory) but C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3 needs the 'winsb' directory ,, so please give me a link to download the SDK that suite for C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3

    thx ...

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    Re: ??? SDK best choice 4 C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3

    Borland`s C++BuilderX Mobile Edition requires (WINS) SDKs which are not available with new version SDKs.
    note: C++BuilderX Mobile Edition is discontinued so try using carbide.c++

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    Re: ??? SDK best choice 4 C++BuilderX 1.0/1.3

    Also note that there is no 'best' SDK, since you should target actual devices you have / your customer has (preferably both). SDK compatibility can be decided via checking the device pages: www.forum.nokia.com/devices
    Technically you can use the MSB (Microsoft-Borland) variants of SDK-s form Borland tools, they are available up to S60 2nd edition Feature Pack 2 (Nokia 6630 "era").

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