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    Is the WRT Open Source

    I was wondering whether developers are free to augment the S60 WRT kit with their own JavaScript libraries or in other languages as well. Is the WRT under some sort of open source license. I am basically trying to extend the environment with some code probably in JavaScript.

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    Re: Is the WRT Open Source

    I'm not 100% clear on whether you're referring to WRT or WRTKit.

    The Web Runtime or WRT includes the capability to run widget. When running a widget the browser environment is extended with additional JavaScript functionality. It's not open source at this time because it's built into S60.

    WRTKit is a JavaScript library that has been made available as part of a limited beta along with some early tools. It's not built into the platform, so the WRTKit file: JavaScript, CSS, and images, need to be packaged with each widget.

    WRTKit isn't open source. The license is included in the source files and grants you the right to redistribute WRTKit as part of your widgets. The architecture is such that you can customize it in various ways without changing the core. For example, you can have your own css to change the appearance and you can subclass the included classes to customize behavior.

    Dan Podwall

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