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    Simulate a S40 5th Edition LE

    I'm trying to create a real environment to simulate this phones in the emulator i decreased the heap size to 600kB but still can't get it to work like the phones. I'm having a lot of memory problems with the game i'm developing in this phones.


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    Re: Simulate a S40 5th Edition LE

    The emulator environment is so different from the one on the phone. I would suggest you to reduce the heap even further, but I still don't think you can create an exact copy of the phone's environment. Reducing the heap to something like 400kb would be ideal.

    Also, profile your memory consumption using Wireless Toolkit's Memory Profiler. If you are writing a simple game and consuming 600kb of memory than there's probably a lot of room for optimization: using JPEG only, not refreshing the whole screen all the time, disposing of unused images, MMAPI's PLayers, etc.


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    Re: Simulate a S40 5th Edition LE

    Thank for your quick reply.
    Yes i know that i can't reproduce it like in the real phone. I even have the real phone (nokia 2630), btw is there a way to debug it directly from the phone?
    It's not a simple game (platform and quiz all-in-one), and i've done the almost all the optimizations that i could, but 600KB is really tight for my needs.

    Thank you once again

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    S40 5th Edition LE

    i need to download S40 5th Edition LE
    but its not in the lest can i use another ver to if i want like S40 5th Edition with out LE

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