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    Problem with ns60_sdk_1

    I downloaded the free SDK from nokia's site, but failed to install it on my Windows XP computer.
    If I choose to have the binaries/SDK installed in addition to the libraries and examples, I get the following error during setup, and the setup program just aborts!

    Component transfer error
    Component: symbian libraries
    file group: binaries
    file: <shared tools>error: the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect

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    RE: Problem with ns60_sdk_1

    People make it work under xp(probably you need admin rights), and I work with it under Win2K. However when you download it state, that Win NT, is a requirement therefore no official support or correction packages for Xp exsist. Search for 'XP', and you will find some posting and people who may able to help you.

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