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    Working with network signals

    I need to build an application that has to do with the network signal(GSM or UMTS). Can I use the emulator for such a program and how can I afford the network signal?

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    Re: Working with network signals


    It is good to know before you start your application that retreiving this kind of information is restricted in J2ME to signed applications under operator domain for s40 and only some s60 handsets will give you this information without the need of signing like the E family. This is possible with some System properties for S40 & S60.

    I would rather suggest to use a different technology for that, like symbian or python.

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    Re: Working with network signals

    What do you mean with "network signal"? If network information which you can get with system properties, then rdrincon is correct. If something more technical (like getting low-level access to the incoming and outgoing signals) then there is no such access to Java ME, period.


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