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    choicegroup help

    i have 3 things...ie mainform which has choice group which has "yes and no" as items..wen i click yes it should open one sucess form and when i click no it should display error form....which inturn each form have 2 different choicegroups...
    mainform--->choice group(in mainform itself)--->success and error form(both different forms)---->choice group1(success)and choice group2(error)...
    im able to dispatch one form to another using display.setCurrent()...but dunno how to dispatch choicegroup to another form2........pls help

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    Re: choicegroup help

    Couldn't you use the choicegroup's getSelectedIndex() method to see which option ("yes" or "no") was selected and then simply use display.setCurrent() to show the next form?

    Also, do the success and error forms each have 2 choice groups or do they each have 1?

    Sorry for understanding so hard

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    Re: choicegroup help

    i know abt getselectedindex()...is it possible to direct to another form using choicegroup ie after clicking item(without use of command button)to dispatch to another form..similar to the one setcommandlistener in case of dispatching to another form......

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    Re: choicegroup help

    Yes, it is possible

    You can set an ItemStateListener to your form


    and then a handler event method will be called each time the item changes its state.

    public void itemStateChanged(Item item)

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