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    TLS Layer in WAP2.0 Proxy

    Is it necessary to have TLS support/TLS Layer in a WAP2.0 Proxy/gateway? According to sec 7 of the document "WAP-219-TLS-20010411-a.pdf" the WAP2.0 proxy should support HTTP CONNECT method and says that "The client MUST support the TLS tunneling if it supports the HTTP proxy."

    If that is the case, then the WAP2.0 proxy should act as a tunnel between the mobile client and the secure origin server.

    The Appendix A.3.1 of document "WAP-219-TLS-20010411-a.pdf" mandates the support for TLS features at the WAP Proxy itself.
    Does it not contradict the quoted statement in Sec 7 ?


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    RE: TLS Layer in WAP2.0 Proxy


    All I will say to this, is that at least Nokia WAP Gateway supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) v.1.

    For more information about Nokia WAP Gateway, please see www.nokia.com & Network Products.

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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