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    Lightbulb Website with Flash / Shockwave games : How to make WidSets version?


    I wish to make cooperation with a big company which makes brain memory improvement games & software.

    They are giving an "online demo" for some of their software, which is a big part of their market-plan. most costumers are first using the demo from the website.

    THE PROBLEM is - It is not possible to use those online Flash/Java applications over phones. I tried N95 and a few more models and it seems like it is IMPOSSIBLE. The whole site is based on brain exercises games which are "Demos" of the real games. right now it is based on Flash (it will make difference between Shockwave to Flash?). We're even willing to make new versions of the website for mobile users.

    What steps should I do first on my way of making the whole website + demo games - with WidSets technology?
    I've checked the developers section but couldn't get no help there.

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    Re: Website with Flash / Shockwave games : How to make WidSets version?

    I am quite sure that you are able to implement the games using WidSets Scripting Language.

    Only question is that are you satisfied with the deployment options available?

    Single widgets cannot be installed separately to phone but inside WidSets client.

    However you are able to promote your widgets with links that forward users to download WidSets client with your widget(s) pre-picked/installed.


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