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    Is this possible ?

    I want to ask are these things possible (I use J2ME)
    1) Normally, when you make a call, you input a phone number and that phone number appear from right to left. Can I code that the phone number appear from left to right ?
    2) For example, when I type a first number, the phone with auto-search in my contacts and auto-fill the predictive phone number priority from 1 to 9. If I see that auto-filled phone number is wrong I press "navigation" button to next phone number (or type the next number and it repeat auto-searching again ...)
    3) When I enter call button, it will make a real call ?
    I use Nokia 6070
    If all these things above is impossible, could you recommend me a way to do that, tool, language, simulator, configuration... for e.g ?
    Thank you very much!!!
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    Re: Is this possible ?

    You can do it in your application but if you want to do it on devcie screen then its not possible. Using the logic and PIM api you can do it. You might even have to create custom control by extending the inbuilt control.

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