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    How to get the url of my current folder

    I want to write a simple midlet which can get data from an text file locating on the same folder. How can I do it? I try to use Connector but I don't know how to get the current folder url ?

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    Re: How to get the url of my current folder

    Could you please explain what you mean by "the same folder"?

    You can check FileConnection API implementation notes for a list of strings that return the urls to various folders. If I'm not mistaking on S60 devices you can access almost any folder while on Series 40 you can only access the predefined ones.

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    Re: How to get the url of my current folder

    If you are using netbeans there is a ibuilt control for Fileconnection. But if you are using Ktoolbar then you need to control by your self. When user go inside any folder contact that folder name in one string whcih will start from your string source.

    -Kartik Trivedi

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