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Thread: Music Player

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    Music Player

    Dear All,

    I developed small application for musicplayer. Here I created the player and getting the songs from memory card and play the songs.

    This will be working in Nokia-60 series. using same build in Nokia-40 series(nokia 6131,nokia 5300), Its not working why? Means songs was not playing.if anybody knows can u help me. please.....

    Suresh a

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    Re: Music Player

    Hi Suresh,

    My thought is that since the number and names of mounted file systems vary from device to device, it is the possibility that the S60 file syatem name is different than the S40.

    We have the "FileSystemRegistry"class that helps us in listing the file system.

    Please use the above and check the file system first.

    One more thing you can do for debugging purpose is that- create a foram , make it current display and keep appending the debug messages after each step of your program.

    I hope it will help you.


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    Re: Music Player

    HI Mr Amit,

    I used LWUIT kit.There log writer was not supporting for debugging step by step.

    Suresh A

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    Re: Music Player

    Hi sureshA,

    you should try to find out which is the root reason of you issue.

    Amit's advice is right: paths on S60 devices are different than paths on S40 phones. Also, you should check if the audio format you use are supported on all phones you're testing on.

    Generally speaking, check for possible Exceptions when creating your Player instance, so you should be able to spot out where the problem lies.


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