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    nokia 3510i - video?

    Ihave read that is posible to see short video at nokia 3510i width Oplayo Unveils J2ME Java Video Player. I is true?


    where and how I can download this player into nokia 3510i ?

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    RE: nokia 3510i - video?


    At least Oplay home page (www.oplayo.com) lists Nokia 7650 as the only supported phone. I've seen the application and it works great on Series 60 phones. I doubt very much if it will be available to other series (30/40) phones like Nokia 7210 or Nokia 3510i as it requires quite a bit of processing power. Moreover, the screen resolution of Nokia 3510i is most probably high enough for video applications.


    Petteri / Forum Nokia

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    oplayo vidlet

    the oplayo vidlet, according their website - http://www.oplayo.com/products/vidlet/benefits.htm - can run on a multitude of Java handsets including all Nokia S40 mobile phones

    is this true?

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