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Thread: HTTP Referer

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    HTTP Referer


    I'm trying to "lock down" a CGI script by compiling a list of trusted domains that are allowed to call it. Unfortunately, while this works perfectly on the fixed web, I cannot find a way to get the HTTP Referer information when the script is called from a WML page. I am using the POST method and have switched sendreferer to "true"...all to no avail. A quick test script (designed to show all environment variables) still shows the HTTP referer as blank. Anyone got any ideas please?


    Posted by Simon Vincent, Webmaster@NewsAide.com
    on July 05, 2000 at 18:03

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    RE: HTTP Referer

    Posted by mario gianota, seanmch@cableinet.co.uk
    on July 10, 2000 at 18:37
    The answer is, the 7110 doesn't send the referrer page/deck in the HTTP header, but the toolkit does.

    WAP provides access control through WML, you should use this in preference to any server-side scheme you may cook up.

    Access Control is covered in the 1.1 WML specification. However,
    it is *not* a secure access control method suitable for m-commerce applications.


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