hi, sir
i found a potential bug for PIM implementation in s40 3rd/5th.

there is an old bug in s40 3rd, that J2ME PIM could not load General phone number.
there are several article talking about this, and it's said fixed in newer 3rd and all 5th platform.

yes, in my 7360, it could not read anyway
also in 5200,7500,7070, it can be read correctly, just like what nokia promise, they fix the bugs.

but still one place nokia missed:
if a user open the call-history, and import the phone-num to construct a new contact record.
in this case, the phone-number can not be read by J2ME PIM.
i've verified this bug in 5200,7500,7070.

is there a way to workaround this?
or , should i wait for newer version of nokia s40