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    mobile sensor API

    what is the use of mobile sensor api......is dat mean,sensors like electronic devices can be connected to it...

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    Re: mobile sensor API

    The intro for JSR-256 specification contains lots of useful information
    This specification defines the JSR 256 Mobile Sensor API that allows Java ME application developers to fetch data
    easily and uniformly from sensors. A sensor is any measurement data source. Sensors vary from physical sensors
    such as magnetometers and accelerometers to virtual sensors, which combine and manipulate the data they
    have received from other kinds of physical sensors. Examples of virtual sensors could include, for example,
    battery level sensor indicating the remaining charge in a battery, or a field intensity sensor that measures the
    reception level of the mobile network signal in a mobile phone. The sensor may be connected to the mobile
    device in different ways, represented by the connection type, examples of which are embedded, short-range
    wireless, wired, and remote connection type.
    The API also provides means to monitor measured data. The application can register a listener and set limits
    and ranges for monitoring. If the measured value meets any of defined conditions the listener is notified.
    The API does not provide any methods to control a sensor; it only provides methods for receiving the information
    from a sensor. Examples of possible control methods are starting, stopping, calibrating, and setting a
    measurement range. These are left out for simplicity and the API implementation should take care of this
    functionality automatically.
    Unfortunately Mobile Sensor APi is not available on Nokia phones (although some phones have built in motion sensor - see for example here http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Sensor_API )

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