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    How to find the mobile phone type using J2me code

    I want to add vibrate() support for my application, but when I add this Nokia 6600 phone does not support it properly. I used the vibrate() in Display class. There fore is there a way that I can check whether my application installed phone model, can any one know a way to do this.
    Please help me

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    Re: How to find the mobile phone type using J2me code

    You can do the System.getProperty("microedition.platform"); you can get the phone model. The microedition.platform property will work on only Nokia and Sony , In the moto with this property you will get the value like phone model as j2me..

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    Re: How to find the mobile phone type using J2me code


    You can use the following statement to know phone model in j2me-

    String phoneModel=System.getProperty("microedition.platform");


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    Re: How to find the mobile phone type using J2me code

    If you mean the 6600 Slide or classic, running Series 40 OS, then have you enabled the sounds and vibration for the applications in the application folder? (there is definitely an option for sounds in there, but I vaguely remember that also vobration is by default turned off)


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