I have a WML page with an anchor, and when the user activate the link, the phone hangs in sending the request to the server, but the phone actual never sends the request to my server. We are using a NokiaMobileGateway. The wml works fine on all the other phones we have, even the old 7110.
We are using 3410 v. 4.09
-----Here is my wml, names and value are altered-----
<anchor><go href="/xxxxx" method="post">
<postfield name="x1" value="$y1"/>
<postfield name="x2" value="$y2"/>
<postfield name="x3" value="y3"/>
<postfield name="x4" value=""/>
<postfield name="x5" value="y4"/>
<postfield name="x6" value="y5"/>
<postfield name="x7" value="y6"/>