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    problem with saving combo in form

    hello i have problem with saving data in my combo in forms:
    I have somfing like that:

    data = [(u'Login','text', u'login'),(u'Update metod','combo',([u'something1',u'something2],0))]

    def editPreferenses():
    global data
    f=appuifw.Form(data, flags)
    f.save_hook = save_prefs

    def save_prefs(new_prefs):
    global data
    data = new_prefs

    When I save use save in my form i can't execute editPreferenses() anymore. Is erro occure "Form combo field, bad index"
    what's wrong in this code?
    Pleas help me

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    Re: problem with saving combo in form

    hi zezier

    it will be better if you post your code uisng the code tags(#) provided in the editer, so that you can get some good replies.

    Enjoy Pythoning

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